26 Letters

26 LettersThe companion book to the rather excellent “26 Letters” poster exhibition held at the British Library in late 2004. I worked with uber designer Michael Johnson to celebrate the letter R. My contribution takes the form of a “hardboiled cop” L.A. Noir-style story concerning the theft of all the letter Rs from a city’s libraries, written entirely without using the letter R. More fun than it sounds, honest.

Cyan Books, 2004.

“As I sped the Police sedan downtown one thought kept pounding in my head – why had the thief pulled this heist? He could have done a bank job, maybe gutted the Museum. Still, I had to hand it to him, this was something that would go down in annuls of villainy. I hit the gas and let my mind go blank as I bucketed down 77th to the scene.

As I got close I could make out a mass of Police vehicles. This was definitely the place. Ahead of me beat cops filled the sidewalk. I stopped the sedan and walked up. I could see Captain Goudy and his sleazy sidekick Typo shaking with disbelief. They knew this was a tough one. I decided to play it cool.

“So, Chief, what’s the deal?”

Goudy eyeballed me. If I was cool, he was ice cold. “Nuthin’ you need to know, Tschichold. This ain’t Homicide business. Get back uptown an’ chase some stiffs…”