Keeping Mum

Keeping MumIn March 2013 I travelled to the Scottish Highlands with 14 other writers connected to the excellent Dark Angels writers’ collective to start what we think might be the world’s first collectively authored novel.

I’m delighted to say “Keeping Mum” is now complete and published. A tragicomic tale of lies and redemption inspired by William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying”, you can order a copy of Keeping Mum via Amazon or direct from the publishers,

Unbound Books, 2013

“Our taxi passes through a highland village. Every house seems covered in the same beige-grey pebbledash I saw in such abundance on our journey from Inverness. It’s as though the entire nation rose up as one and declared, ‘Yes! We shall make our homes as mean and ugly as possible! What d’you think of that, yer soft English shite?’ On the edge of town I notice a pub called The Claymore that looks a good place to score; Staffie-toting scum in nylon leisurewear throng the entrance – always an encouraging sign. Perhaps Scotland won’t be too bad after all.”