100 Lessons on The Meaning of Life

100 lessons on the meaning of lifeWell, no point aiming too low is there? Each 100 word lesson looks at this most mysterious subject from a different perspective – religious, scientific, philosophical, medical, artistic etc. The result is a really readable summary of mankind’s reflections on the ultimate question and will appeal to anyone with even a hint of curiosity about why we’re here – including you. Just to make things interesting I decided to make each lesson *exactly* 100 words long. What a show-off.

100 Lessons.com, 2009


Existentialism established itself in the wake of WWII and suggests the meaning of life is to make your own meaning. Life, thinkers like Camus and Sartre pronounced through a haze of Gauloise smoke, is about self-determination – God can’t help; only you can decide how to live. That’s a distinctly mixed blessing – freedom is scary stuff, and ultimately means each of us is alone in an empty universe. For existentialists it’s not about the meaning of life, but rather the meaninglessness of life. It’s easy to see how this caught the mood and inspired a thousand art house movies.