Read Me: Ten Lessons for Writing Great Copy

Most of us think we can write. Most of us are wrong.

Read MeIf that’s you then help is at hand. Read Me is a complete course in creative copywriting led by Roger Horberry, an award-winning brand copywriter, and Gyles Lingwood, principal lecturer on the University of Lincoln’s Creative Advertising course, one 
of the UK’s top advertising degrees. Their combined knowledge and experience makes Read Me an essential resource for any ambitious copywriter.

Each chapter is a self-contained lesson on subjects ranging from tone of voice to storytelling, branding to audience engagement, and meme-making to effective messages. Read Me also includes detailed contributions from 17 of the world’s smartest commercial writers, and practical exercises to help you pump up your powers of persuasion.

The result is a high-energy ride through the world of creative copywriting that will help you craft persuasive, brilliant and effective messages for print and pixels.

Laurence King Publishing, 2014

“This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to make their writing memorable, award-winning and, above all, really effective.”
Jonathan Sands OBE, Chairman, Elmwood Brand Design

“Roger and Gyles’ timely tome looks destined to become an instant classic.”
Michael Johnson, Creative Director and Principal, Johnson Banks